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The air inside a building will eventually become stale if the area lacks proper ventilation. Essentially the ventilation of a building means that you are providing a way to bring the fresh oxygen rich air that is outside of the building inside, in order to replace the stale air and improve the indoor air quality. In fact, structures such as containers and storage buildings, that are not occupied by people, need ventilation.

What it Does?

Appropriate ventilation removes odors that gather inside a building as well as restoring the stale oxygen depleted air with the nice, crisp fresh outside air. Sure this can be achieved through natural means such as having strategically placed openings and windows that allow the movement of fresh air through the building. Additionally ventilation can be achieved through vent installation, duct work, attic insulation etc.

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Ventilation installation is taken very seriously in most structures where there are huge numbers of individuals. This is because if ventilation installation is not properly carried out in the building, the people inside would literally not have enough oxygen to breathe, instead they would be taking in too much carbon dioxide. The right placement of vents, windows, fans, duct work and other items that work together to ventilate a building will always be an integral part of the design process when the structure is being constructed.

Typically air conditioning and heating systems that control the building’s temperature can adequately provide enough ventilation to keep the air inside the structure replenished. Just remember that each building will typically have a different layout design. Proper duct work will carry the exhaust air outside of the space and take the fresh air inside to improve the overall indoor air quality. Without good vent installation systems, a commercial building that contains twenty or even thirty individuals would quickly become a haven for all sorts of odors. Rooms such as bathrooms would become unbearable because of all the odors that would undoubtedly be trapped inside.

Proper Vent Installation Benefits

Aside from the elimination of unsavory odors having proper ventilation installation has other benefits. For instance proper ventilation will improve the indoor air quality by eliminating airborne contaminants that can prove harmful to your health. Proper ventilation also serves the purpose of controlling humidity. If your home has too much humidity then the growth of mold will become a problem. As most people know, the growth of mold can cause serious health problems.

Therefore having a high performance home ventilation system with the appropriate duct work such as the ones that the professionals at America Heating and Air Conditioning will install in your home, will help to control the moisture inside while preventing condensation and reducing the humidity inside.

When should you test the Indoor Air Quality of your home?

If you are experiencing certain health symptoms then it is a clear sign that something is wrong with your air quality, and it is time to have it tested. Some of the symptoms that indicate poor air quality are: rashes, eye irritation, general weakness, headaches, dizziness, allergies and flu like symptoms.

Nature intended for us to have a large supply of oxygenated air to breathe whether or not we are outside, or in an enclosed building with twenty or thirty other people.